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Bringing Hope and Healing

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Miss H found herself in a desperate situation. After leaving an abusive marriage, she had found a house to purchase for only a few hundred dollars. But despite all her efforts to turn it into a home, a persistent roof leak had recently worsened, and now her living room floor was covered in a dozen different pots and pans collecting water as it streamed in. Not to mention the growing mildew issue that had begun to give her headaches and cause respiratory issues. A roofer had given her an estimate earlier in the week and the cost of material alone was well beyond her current means. Anxiety was now creeping in telling her that perhaps things are too far gone and this wasn’t meant to be her home; but there was one more call to make. She had called 211, a service of United Way that connects people with emergency resources in their community, and they told her about Servants. Little did Holly know that the phone call she was about to make would change her current trajectory and restore hope that she thought had left her long ago.

Servants assessed the project and reassured Holly that her home was not beyond repair. A rubber roof coating would solve the leak issue and once that was done, the mildew issue could be resolved. Additionally, Servants was able to connect Holly with the York County Planning Commission’s weatherization program that was going to replace her broken furnace. In the midst of all the physical home repairs, Holly found repairs happening in other areas of her life. She was reconnecting with estranged family members. She was finding it easier to paint again. This calming, creative outlet had been next to impossible while her home was in shambles; now she was painting nearly every day! Servants is honored to have played a role in restoring hope to a home and a heart!


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