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Staff Alumni

Amy Miller

Operations Coordinator

Amy joined the Servants’ team in Janauary 2022. She initailly connected with Servants as a volunteer, assisting in the office with administrative tasks, answering the phone, and completing applications with homeowners. As she volunteered, she found that she identified with Servants mission of serving Christ, building relationships, transforming lives, and providing hope. Amy is passionate about showing mercy, kindness, help and restoration to people in need.

Cristhian Carrera

SARF Administrator

​Cristhian graduated high school in Guatemala with a background in accounting with a specialty in computing. Currently he is attending university to get his degree in business administration.

He began working with Servants in Guatemala in 2018 to help as a bookkeeper but has since flourished to do so much more.  Aside from helping the ministry in administration, he enjoys being able to visit the families we serve to get to know them better and help them as he can with his own input.

“Servants has helped me grow a lot spiritually because I have learned how to start each day seeking God in the work we do and the purpose he has for my life.”

Heather King

Administrative Assistant

Heather began serving as a volunteer with Servants in 2017. Her love for people and desire to fulfill God's call to, “love thy neighbor as thy self” (Matt 22:34-40) has led her to accept a position at Servants in 2020 after waiting for God’s timing to fulfill His Call for missional work. She is looking forward to having God lead & teach her along this journey believing fully that God qualifies the called.

Heather is blessed to be the mother of four amazing children (Casey, Katie, Abi & Gabrielle). They enjoy traveling, volunteering, spending time together at sporting events, and playing games. You will often find Heather hiking the trails, running a race or volunteering on most weekends. Her family lives out God’s calling to love thy neighbor with fun Random Acts of Kindness, volunteering, and believes Godly citizenship should be fun & taught to the next generation.

Marcia Meehan

Major Gifts Officer

Marcia joined Servants in October 2020 after a career working with the YMCA, Meals on Wheels, Byrnes Health Education Center, and several other not-for-profit organizations that provide services for youth and families. Her desire to serve began as a youth when she participated in local mission trips with her church in Pittsburgh. As an adult, she had the opportunity to take a mission trip to Guatemala to help build facilities for children alongside other Christians from across the US. This life-changing experience led her to join the Servants team and help give others this same transformational experience.

Marcia's most recent job as a fundraising consultant had taken her all over the US, but she is thrilled to be back in the York area near family and friends. Marcia has been both a Rotarian and Kiwanian and volunteers locally for non-profits that serve both families in need and animals. She enjoys hiking, biking, reading, baking and exploring new places.

Michelle “Michy” Letona

SARF Family Representative

Michy is passionate about what she does, she pushes herself to do things well, and give her best in all her efforts. She is a preschool teacher and loves to teach and work in education to help her fellow Guatemalans. Even though she is passionate about working with little kids, God has called her to share with others her testimony so that they can see even though we all experience difficult moments, God always helps us through them.

Working with Servants, her main focus is visiting families to make sure their health, economic situation, education, and especially their spirituality is doing well. Aside from spending personal time with the families, she also helps the kids in the families attend meetings in school (almost like a big sister) to make sure things are understood and they are properly cared for. When it is necessary to provide nutrition baskets through the ministry, she also makes the majority of purchases, organizes, and delivers them.

Michy also acts as the ministry’s legal representative which means administrative meetings with lawyers, accountants, etc. to make sure the legality of the ministry is kept current.

Olga Mercado de Giron

SARF Family Representative

Olga started as the mother of one of our at-risk families in Guatemala. Since 2013, we have seen her grow as a strong Christian leader both inside and outside the church. In 2015, she married Elias. Olga has 3 children, 2 of which still live with her.

Olga’s heart for service is clear and anyone who has met her on a trip will back that up! She loves to help others and share her own testimony to encourage others to overcome adversity to show the love of Christ.

Olga is now working with us as a missionary in Guatemala (she is originally from Honduras) serving at-risk families as part of our team, using what she has learned of God’s love and power in her life to share that hope with others.

The Brobsts

Missionaries to Guatemala

God took hold of our hearts during our first missions trip to Guatemala in 2011. We returned to the U.S. and all of our hopes, dreams, and desires were radically changed to want to serve God’s people in Guatemala. He used our skills, desires, and experience to guide us to His true calling upon our lives. You can read more about this story and the ministry He has called to by checking out our ministry page at Uniting 2 Serve.

We’d like to invite you to partner with us through prayer as we continue to share our experiences and bridge the gap between Guatemala and our home country. To learn more about those ministries and stay updated on how Jesus is allowing us to further His Kingdom in Guatemala please subscribe to our newsletter. God’s presence in Guatemala and His plan for the Guatemalan people is a miracle that all should witness.

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