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Introducing Serve Up!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Servants is very excited to announce Serve Up, a brand new youth development program that integrates meaningful community service with occupational instruction and mentorship. Opportunities will range from job shadowing to hands-on work experience. The program will have multiple tiers, the first of which will launch on Sept 24, 2022. This initial opportunity will include career opportunity exploration, team-building, and leadership training.

Participants in the initial course will then have the option to engage further through the Serve Up mentorship program. Trained adult mentors in various business sectors will build meaningful relationships, share insights and guidance, and provide opportunities for job shadowing, in addition to accompanying their youth in continued community service through Servants work days through our Healthy Homes Initiative.

Next year, the Serve Up program will provide a limited number of summer internships for Serve Up participants. This will allow youth to employ the career and leadership training from the previous months as they assist Servants staff with all aspects of our summer work camp season from recruitment and administration to project and volunteer management.

We are looking forward to seeing the many ways this new program will benefit youth and our community. If you are interested in participating as a youth or as an adult mentor, you can register at If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


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